Eat Me!

Hi food-eating friends!! Here it is. It’s happening. It’s real. It’s delicious. We’re starting up a recipe sharing blog because, let’s face it between all of us (and satellite connections) we’ve got some mad skills in the kitchen when it comes to delicious and nutritious.

So, here’s the thought – this site’ll be open access for anyone who wants it, just email me for the login info. Update at your leisure (throw a photo or two in there as well if you so desire!) and check back often. Feel free to contact me with any questions about posting new entries. It’s pretty easy, but might take a little playing around and screwing up on your part. Don’t be scared.

If you’re sharing a recipe that you’ve gotten from somewhere outside your own pretty head, please site your source.

And share this! Pass it along to other friends who like to cook, invite them to contribute.

Food brought us all together in the first place, and just because some of you are far away now, it doesn’t mean food can’t keep us connected.

Tuck in, kids!




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